Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology About CompanyWhen a skyscraper is brought to reality, there is a very good estimate it spent at least five to seven years on a drawing board. Architects and Engineers had to develop a vision, and idea! The concept had requirements, goals, had to meet codes and regulations. It had to be thoroughly thought, end-to-end. Many use-case scenarios were involved and virtually demonstrated. As architecture was completed, ground broke and building begun. After approximately 2 years, it was ready for occupancy. Over 75% of the time was devoted to Architecture and Engineering.

Let us evaluate areas in which savings are realized while utilizing an IT Architecture practice.

When a structured IT Architecture plan is in place and well maintained, all IT departments and peers can reference to an updated set of documents, understand the environment and eliminate the guesswork. The building of the Infrastructure is based on the blueprints, therefore, your multi-million dollar technology investment is referenceable from blueprints and documents.