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Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Architecture ServicesWell prositioned and experienced in helping organizations for IT and Security Audits, Developing a baseline of the IT infrastructure and Solutioning with justified platforms, technology and capacity:

  1. Network Documentation and Diagramming - We tackle the existing infrastructure, discover, map and document it completely, utilizing the LIAA design principle.
  2. IT Blueprinting - Gather business requirements and use cases to best architect a new network and IT infrastructure for your business branch or datacenter needs, followed by a thorough LIAA design principle.
  3. Information Technology Solution Design - Gather business requirements and develop a solution that covers Goals, Scope, Risks, Current and Future states with Migration Phases, Develop a Bill of Material and Services required along with budgets necessary to accomplish your specific Solutions.
  4.  Security Audit for the IT Infrastructure - Scan, map, physical traces and elements necessary to validate a complete overview of your Infrastructure Security and Defense condition.

Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Network DocumentationUnilogic IT Systems Design utilizes a proprietary process, the LIAA Design Principle to gather all IT Infrastructure and Network information, organize and map the systems, end to end for a comprehensive view of your IT Investment. Typical reasons for Network Documentation includes but not limited, to the following:

  1. Lack of proper Network Documents, Diagrams, Maps, Asset Inventory, Connectivity, etc. More often, Technology platforms grow with little time dedicated to the documentation, thereby leaving a complete IT system undocumented and poorly communicated to peers.
  2. Need for Inventory and Validation. Typical clients require a thorough IT Infrastructure and Network Documentation accomplished upon acquiring or merging with another company.
  3. Management change, or handover to new leadership. Knowing what you have is compelling information, and upon undertaking a new infrastructure most often required a good, thorough IT Infrastructure and Network Documentation to understand the IT Platform. This type of documentation will benchmark the infrastructure in an "As-Built" or "Current State," effectively communicating to everyone in your IT team the present operational state of your IT systems.
  4. Too many Infrastructure changes and modifications. Should changes take place, where IT Infrastructure, and Network documentation does not get updated, the operational team, and engineers, end up consistently performing discovery work, each time, administrative tasks are performed?
  5. Preparations for Audit and Inspection. Many companies' IT platform are under scrutiny for compliance, ideally requiring up-to-date, valid network documentation and diagramming.

Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Solutions DesignUnilogic IT Solutions Design, approaches design methodology with comprehensive business requirements, use-cases, and analysis for capacity. IT Infrastructure solutions for Technology Services is approached with a Layered Infrastructure Approach for Architecture (LIAA) design principle. The LIAA design will address Goals and Objectives, Scope, Useability of Services, Budgetary and Resource consideration for both Capital and Expense expenditures. Solutions designs  apply to the following exmples:

  1. Agumenting a new service on the Infrastructure - Mainly to improve performance, reduce costs, enhance security, meet business use cases or simply refresh platform segments in the Infrastructure.
  2. Deploying IT Network Services - Critical elements for the proper operation of a network infrastructure and IT Platform. Some of these services include Addressing, Naming, Certificate, Time, Wireless, Directory, Security, Logging and Analysis Services for a stable, reliable and reportable IT Infrastructure and Network system.
  3. Infrastructure amendments to meet business requirements - As companies evolve, aquire, merge and adapt to new economies of scale, IT Infrastructure changes accomodate, to maintain application access while perserving availabilty, security, integrity and compliance.

Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology IT BlueprintingUnilogic IT Systems Design, approaches IT Blueprinting with its proprietary, developed, and refined methodology, referred to, as "the Layered Infrastructure Approach for Architecture" (LIAA) design principle. The LIAA design principle produces a comprehensive set of documents, aggregated into a complete "Site Book," for your IT blueprint. IT blueprinting is commonly, or frequently applied to the following:

  1. IT Infrastructure and Network Documentation - a full discovery of an existing infrastructure.
  2. New Office or Data Center Design - Design process where business requirements are aggregated into a scope and goals, architecting a thorough, comprehensive, detailed set of blueprints for building the desired infrastructure and network system.
  3. IT Solution Design - Applicable to particular application or service deployment, rendering a broad set of documents for reference during Operational Tasks, Forensics, Compliance, Cross-Education and Archival purposes, where necessary.

Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Security AuditUnilogic IT Solutions Design Security Audit Services incorporate a thorough analysis of an existing infrastructure, a network documentation service with the emphasis on Physical Security, Logical Security, Controls, Logging, and Reporting. IT Infrastructure and Network Security addresses numerous touchpoints, and security is only as strong as its weakest link. Through Unilogic IT Systems Design Security Audit, the following items are completed to analyze and discover the following:

  1. Complete Network Documentation - All physical and logical assets must be accounted and understood how they relate to each other.
  2. Physical boundaries and protection - Methods utilized to provide a physical security barrier to cabling, circuits, data rooms, wiring closets, cooling and electrical mechanisms, video surveillance and feed archival.
  3. Logical access to IT Assets and Components - Who is permitted to access and who is trying to access specific components? Are there any threats associated with access attempts? Is there any unauthorized network traffic over to Infrastructure components? The audit analyzes numerous security-relevant questions to identify areas of the Infrastructure in a requirement of additional fortification and elimination of threats.

ROI for IT Infrastructure Architecture

LIAA Saves Time and MoneyInfrastructure architecture development and deployment saves thousands of man-hours from performing repetetive discovery work that is documented in your LIAA TM Sitebook. Stay compliant by satisfying auditors with comprehensive infrastructure information while keeping operations running at full efficiency. Discovery work for of troubleshooting, auditing and educating others is wasteful, as critical minutes are turned into wasted income opportunities.

Return on Investment on IT Architecture

What is LIAA?

What is LIAALayered Infrastructure Approach for Architecture (LIAA TM) is a unique, IT architectural approach aimed for organizations who need clear, precise and thorough IT blueprint, maps and documentation. Designed by IT experts, engineered by seasoned IT engineers, LIAA process-driven Sitebooks provide thorough information for technologists and managements for assured continuity, despite of staff additions or turnover.

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