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  • Build your IT Documentation
    -- "We discover your IT infrastructure, build documentation, diagrams, tables, lists and procedure"
  • Deliver a comprehensive list of IT documentation
    -- "We call the "Site Book", describing your Infrastructure from their Data Rooms, Cables to assets and topology"
  • Integrate with "Cloud" service providers
    -- "Working with partners, vendors and customers for a secure, reliable data exchange experience"
  • Develop new IT infrastructure
    -- "Craft custom solutions for enhancing your existing infrastructure"
  • Design a new IT and Network infrastructure
    -- "For data centers, offices or warehouses"
  • Technology Migration strategies
    -- "For your office moves, datacenter relocation, up-sizing or down-sizing your existing infrastructure"
  • Develop comprehensive documentation
    -- "For your IT infrastructure, Compliance, Audits, Knowledge transfer and Executive reports"
  • Gain a high-level or detailed view of your IT assets
    -- "Understand views of the IT Infrastructure, Power Delivery, Network, IP Flows, etc."
  • Logging, Analysis, and Visibility
    -- "Gain insight, comprehension, workflow alerting and notification on your Infrastructure environment"

Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology About CompanyWhen a skyscraper is brought to reality, there is a very good estimate it spent at least five to seven years on a drawing board. Architects and Engineers had to develop a vision, and idea! The concept had requirements, goals, had to meet codes and regulations. It had to be thoroughly thought, end-to-end. Many use-case scenarios were involved and virtually demonstrated. As architecture was completed, ground broke and building begun. After approximately 2 years, it was ready for occupancy. Over 75% of the time was devoted to Architecture and Engineering.

Let us evaluate areas in which savings are realized while utilizing an IT Architecture practice.

When a structured IT Architecture plan is in place and well maintained, all IT departments and peers can reference to an updated set of documents, understand the environment and eliminate the guesswork. The building of the Infrastructure is based on the blueprints, therefore, your multi-million dollar technology investment is referenceable from blueprints and documents.

Our Core Values, Customer Success

Customer Succes with Unilogic SystemsAttributes to success stems from our two simple rules: Avoid problems from occurring, and assign ownership with dedicated attention to quick, successful resolution.

Partner with Unilogic Systems

About Unilogic Systems CompanyAll our customer relationships are treated as partnerships. Targeting customer success is our success, therefore our responsibility areas becomes elements we are accountable for.

What is our Goal?

About Unilogic Systems CompanyCompany founded with a vision to apply expertise and assistance to customer's IT Architecture and Operational Readiness, utilizing a unique, Layered Infrastructure Approach for Architecture (LIAA).

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