Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Architecture ServicesWell prositioned and experienced in helping organizations for IT and Security Audits, Developing a baseline of the IT infrastructure and Solutioning with justified platforms, technology and capacity:

  1. Network Documentation and Diagramming - We tackle the existing infrastructure, discover, map and document it completely, utilizing the LIAA design principle.
  2. IT Blueprinting - Gather business requirements and use cases to best architect a new network and IT infrastructure for your business branch or datacenter needs, followed by a thorough LIAA design principle.
  3. Information Technology Solution Design - Gather business requirements and develop a solution that covers Goals, Scope, Risks, Current and Future states with Migration Phases, Develop a Bill of Material and Services required along with budgets necessary to accomplish your specific Solutions.
  4.  Security Audit for the IT Infrastructure - Scan, map, physical traces and elements necessary to validate a complete overview of your Infrastructure Security and Defense condition.