Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology IT Blueprinting

- complete network discovery and blueprinting, analyzing wireline connections, VLANs, IP network, interconnectivity and operational overview. Blueprints remain an excellent source of documentation for audits, compliance, education, cross-training and reference for future changes, upgrades and improvements.

Most organizations are in a situation where their network and IT infrastructure has been reworked to accommodate business growth and changes, thereby lacking the updates, careful documentation, leaving lack of diagrams, documents and evidence of network topology configuration.

Unilogic systems specializes in discovering and illustrating all aspects of a network infrastructure. When a client engages us for a Network Assessments, we will focus on the following deliverables:

  • Equipment layout in Racks, Cabinets, shelves, etc.,
  • Power consumption of each device,
  • Wireline topology (Layer 1) – device interconnectivity, with type of cable and mechanical connectors,
  • Link layer topology (Layer 2) – device link configuration for networking, such as VLANs, Trunks, Access links, etc.,
  • Network layer topology (Layer 3) – device IP configuration for networking, such as IP network addresses and routing strategies,
  • Network device position in relationship with one another, illustrating data path flows, redundancy, security devices, wireless components, access to datacenter services, etc.
  • Where applicable, Virtualization networking, connectivity and interoperation with the physical network.

Unilogic systems goal is to provide comprehensive, thorough, detailed illustration of your network and IT infrastructure, so that network IT infrastructure information can transparently deliver engineers an understanding of operation. Furthermore, leadership may also provide detailed information as evidence to Network Assessors, Compliance Officers, Vendors and Partners who interoperate with your organization.

Maintaining an updated set of network blueprints for your IT infrastructure delivers a level of maturity that places emphasis of consistent review, change management and updates to the network infrastructure, elevating the awareness of current state of operation of the organization’s network, and related security features.