Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Solutions Design

With the changing landscape of IT security and compliance such as PCI, HIPAA and SOX, organizations are under pressure to comply with various network, server, software code and database changes so that it becomes improbable for hackers to steal corporate data. A strategy that works for achieving such goals is not a small undertaking.

It is undesirable to be a victim of data breach, data loss and exposure, resulting in loss of credibility, customers, and overall business opportunities. Customers often depend on businesses and organizations to protect their Private Information (PI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), assuring that businesses protect such information from intruders, hackers, and malicious users.

Unilogic Systems possesses the know-how and strategy to address all elements that exist at the first and second levels of defense on the network. We work with the clients to complete a thorough network assessment, followed by a detailed analysis of weaknesses, opportunities for improvements to implement strong network rules for data while traveling across the network to securing networks where data resides on storage.

Part of first line of IT infrastructure defense is performed on the network as following:

  • Internet Circuit security controls and traffic management. All unsecure protocols are eliminated and protocols with a high degree of encryption are implemented for the management of systems,
  • A firewall will be introduced deeper in your network, where new, secure, segmented networks will be introduced with limited access allowed, narrowing the possibility of lateral movement by potential intruders,
  • Extremely specific, detailed firewall policies will be implemented to control all aspects of data flow to and from your clients to localized server resources,
  • Where necessary, implement additional network sensors for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),
  • Where necessary, implement strategies for Data Leak Prevention (DLP), gaining a high degree of confidence of preventing unauthorized data being moved out of your office network to external entities,
  • Implement anti-virus, malware and spyware protection on the network, Web Filtering to prevent access to malicious web sites, and scan all file downloads for harmful payloads.

Measures for an excellent security posture assumes that vulnerabilities may arrive from anywhere from outside or from within your network, and this approach for network architecture and security is called the “Zero Trust” approach for data security.

Network compliance is approached on a case by case basis as a consultancy initiative, or with a specific target for network security improvement in mind, delivering firewall rule implementation, implement add-ons for security improvements, and more.