Let’s recount a time where we worked closely with company leadership on a difficult project. How did we persuade stakeholders to follow our proposals?

By weighing and scoring factual advantages, and disadvantages very carefully. Moreover, we consult with key team players, followed by decisions which align with company vision. Based on collective information and a good instinct of industry trend, we deliver suggestive solutions that become an excellent strategy for IT of the organization.

...IT Director, Online E-commerce Retailer

An example of when we were able to identify a complex problem, evaluate options, and implement a solution. What was the outcome?

Due to economic opportunities and strategic goal setting, an organization altered a remote office workforce pool of talent, and then selected a new office suite. The business also decided to relocate a group or similar task-focused employees from a much larger office to the new proposed office. Due to nature of last minute changes in business requirements for the new team of employees, delivered IT capacity wasn't adequate. Creative ways were necessary to accommodate resources for the entire team to perform their duties and responsibilities. Solutions were to accelerate and cache WAN data, deliver additional infrastructure without affecting the existing operation, then add the necessary amount of WAN circuitry and capacity as needed, to allow flexibility, growth and capacity.

...CFO, Sports Memorabilia Manufacturing Company

May you elaborate to us about an emerging technology trend that excites and fascinates us?

Emerging technologies worth embracing encompass the area of a centralized, disposable compute fabric in a hyper-converged operation. Each computer node should offer its capable resources to a “grid” and leverage of forming a “self-healing” compute platform, robust and nimble network infrastructure with ultra-secure, authorized and accounted network flows for assuring data security. In such areas, the discipline of IT Infrastructure and Network Blueprinting, Documentation and Organization become instrumental for understanding overlays and complex environments.

...Regional Sales VP, Value Added Reseller Consulting Company