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Assessments for your Network and IT Infrastructure

Assessments are a great way to start working on your Infrastructure blueprinting strategy. It provides a generalized view of your infrastructure, and once all assessments are completed, it gives a clear picture of your infrastructure topology. As with any assessment, requirements always begin with an Asset Inventory. Each specific assessment begins with an Asset Inventory, where pertinent information is captured and documented, then used in illustrations and diagrams.

Network Assessment

Focus on the Local Area Network Topology, either an Office or a Datacenter, illustrating network components, Circuits to the Internet, Private or MPLS circuits to other sites, Partner Network connections, and various ancillary objects within the LAN.

Server Assessment

Identify how physical servers are connected to the network, visualize redundant, diverse switch connectivity, and capture Client Access, Management, Storage Access, and Backup networks. Eliminate the puzzle of looking at the cabling to servers and constantly spend precious time figuring out what cables are connected to!

Storage Assessment

Due to centralized and shared storage, many companies use Storage Area Networks, where large pools of disk space are carved up and assigned to various server systems for virtualization or clusters. A Storage Assessment will capture centralized storage devices, attached network components and

Power and Cooling Assessment

Your infrastructure is as stable as power and cooling delivery to components. We identify Circuits, Battery Backup, Generators, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Electrical power distribution from Circuit Breaker panels to Power Distribution Units and diversification to IT Racks.

Executive IT Slicks

Corporate presentations call for visual topology and infrastructure diagrams that communicate layout in Presentations and Documents without revealing specific information about the private network and servers. If revealed to investors, and other public entities, Executive Slick diagrams do not disclose any company configuration or strategy.

IT Rack Elevation Diagrams

Know exactly where your physical IT assets are located by mapping them to Racks and U-locations. Understand electric feed diversity (A/B Sides), power, and cooling requirements. High Availability begins with proper equipment location, diversifying power circuits, and breakers. Position equipment by different HVAC devices and strategically place racks in areas less likely to be affected by extraneous issues such as human factors, floods, and damage.

Please Note: To successfully complete IT Rack Elevation Diagrams, it is necessary to understand all the physical assets in the infrastructure. Therefore, Network and Server Assessments are a dependency as a requirement.

Assessment diagrams and documents contain a beautiful overview of the Infrastructure, either small or large. Large infrastructures may contain several diagrams due to the complexity and scale of equipment and distribution of resources.