Unilogic Systems Informatin Technology Network Documentation

Most businesses do not have the budgets, expertise or time for Information Technology (IT) expertise. With over 25 years of IT infrastructure expertise, Unilogic Systems is your partner who can oversee your technology requirements, management and operation.

A managed business network is a network installation at your place of business, which entails the following:

  • We design a detailed, network blueprint for your office, that meets compliance requirements, security and firewall devices from unauthorized access to your business data,
  • We deliver and install, a brand new, latest model of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Next Generation Firewall to your office,
  • We deliver and install, a brand new intelligent, managed switch for your office network that meets your capacity needs,
  • We deliver and install, brand new, intelligent Wi-Fi access points to your office for complete Wi-Fi coverage and high-performance, secure network access for all your wireless devices,
  • We implement and tie together all devices in your network, install network cabling where required and configure all devices in your network,
  • We may be able to suggest better Internet services that provides stability, high-performance and cost efficiency for your budget,
  • We monitor all your equipment for availability, manage change requests and configuration, upgrade the software for the latest security and features,
  • We monitor your network for security breaches, unauthorized access attempts, then block such attempts to mitigate Internet attacks,
  • We set up a recurrent review with a summary of operations, recommendations and new, next generation technologies, as they become available.
  • We guarantee same-day fix of any failed network component, usually withing less than 4 hours during business hours, so that we minimize your network downtime, reduce loss of productivity and keep your on budget!

These features and characteristics are a possibility for your office and place of business. A low monthly payment, and a worry-free mindset will allow you to focus on what you need to accomplish, leverage of your opportunities, assist your customers and stay ahead of the competition. We deliver your technology, so you don’t have to become an IT specialist.