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IT Network and Infrastructure Architecture Blueprinting Services


We Bring Visibility to your IT and Network Infrastructure

Similar to a house blueprint, your IT network also benefits from having a blueprint. Unilogic Systems specializes in leveraging its expertise and knowledge to collaboratively create unique and detailed network topology illustrations and diagrams for your existing or new infrastructure.

These network blueprints serve as essential references, enabling engineers and administrators to effectively engage with and plan changes, updates, and improvements to the network. They provide a cohesive and unified overview of the network infrastructure, serving as a “Living Document” that reflects ongoing changes and remains accessible to the target audience.

The service offered by Unilogic Systems is highly valued by leadership and managers due to its ability to support compliance audits, including those for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, SOC, and other industry-specific oversight agencies. Compliance requirements are met through clear and well-documented network diagrams.

Engineers find immense value in utilizing these diagrams as troubleshooting tools and as a source of reference material. Regarding new projects, the engineering diagrams facilitate the building of new networks or modifications to existing networks.

In essence, network and infrastructure diagrams provided by Unilogic Systems play a vital role in unifying teams, facilitating clear communication, and establishing agreement on configuration, deployment, and maintenance standards. Everything begins with an idea, a drawing, and a blueprint, and our service helps transform those ideas into tangible, well-structured networks.


What We Do

At Unilogic Systems, our primary focus is on providing thorough, comprehensive, and detailed network and IT-related diagrams for organizations. Our approach is guided by a Layered Infrastructure Architecture (LIA) methodology, which ensures we capture intricate details spanning from the physical layers to the logical and overlay elements that may not be tangible.

We understand the critical importance of network and IT diagrams in facilitating understanding, collaboration, and documentation of the configuration and operation of the IT infrastructure. By employing our LIA approach, we can create diagrams that offer a holistic view of the infrastructure, encompassing both the physical and virtual aspects. These diagrams serve as valuable references for various stakeholders, including engineers, administrators, and decision-makers, enabling them to comprehend the intricacies of the IT environment and make informed decisions.

Our commitment to providing detailed network and IT diagrams helps organizations establish a solid foundation for their IT infrastructure, fostering effective communication, efficient operations, and accurate documentation.


At Unilogic Systems, we specialize in conducting impartial reviews, assessments, and documentation from a neutral, third-party perspective. Our assessments serve as valuable tools for auditing, providing overviews, facilitating presentations, fostering brainstorming sessions, and promoting effective knowledge sharing.

Engineering Diagrams

Our detailed engineering blueprints serve as invaluable resources for engineers, providing comprehensive Network and Infrastructure Schematics. These blueprints are designed to facilitate the analysis of existing networks or the construction of new ones from the ground up. They contain intricate details that guide engineers in building a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Server Diagrams

We provide comprehensive documentation that outlines the configurations, connections, and interactions between servers and the network infrastructure. This includes detailed information about virtual switches and their integration with hypervisors, enabling seamless communication between virtual machines and the physical network.

Logical App Diagrams

Our documentation places significant emphasis on application flow, as it plays a crucial role in various aspects, such as load balancing, firewalling, and filtering. Understanding the flow of applications is essential for implementing effective security measures and optimizing network performance.

Infrastructure Templates

We offer a range of pre-defined templates tailored for specific use cases. Whether you need to implement an office network or set up a data center, our templates provide a solid starting point for the process. These templates encompass all the essential components, configurations, and best practices required for a successful implementation.

Custom Work

Our team is eager to collaborate with you, applying our collective expertise and experience to address your specific requirements. Whether you need customized templates to streamline your infrastructure implementation or comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure smooth operations, we can deliver.

Miscellaneous Diagrams

Our team specializes in transforming complex IT concepts into visually engaging representations that resonate with your audience. Whether you need to communicate a network architecture, a workflow process, or any other IT-related view, we work closely with you to understand your objectives and tailor our approach to best meet your needs.

Why IT Blueprints?

Blueprints serve as the foundation of a project or the roadmap to bring your envisioned product to life. By providing clear guidelines and specifications, blueprints ensure you achieve the desired results and enable effective communication among all stakeholders involved.


Selected Client Work


Office Network Diagram

Requirements called for 200 to 400 personnel office with access to the Internet and Private WAN access. An Overview and Engineering Network Diagrams for the proposed network were implemented.


Load Balanced Application

Load Balancing to spread large volumes of traffic to a pool of front-end web servers and maintain up-time. Traffic received in a Content Switch, Processed to a VIP, and forwarded to servers.


High Availability Internet

Requirements for Internet Service Provider Diversity, Failover, Load Sharing, and BGP Routing with two “/24” networks. Air gapped from internal equipment for security and compliance.


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